Our Awesome Projects

We've worked with a number of startups across various industries and locations. Our cliets deeply appreciate the quality that comes with our delivery and nothing brings us more joy than their satisfaction.



Zydello is a rewards and equity crowdfunding platform for media and technology that also provides automated finance and marketing services to help entrepreneurs fundraise successfully and reduce investment risk.



Customtru makes it easy to recieve/request progress on your custom order in real time. No more blindly waiting and hoping your tailor/designer is working on your order. Enjoy full transparency and be part of the experience.



GoVee is the easiest way to order plant based meals. Choose your location and search for plant based meals from restaurant around you. Place order and get updates about your meal. Rate, review your order and save favorite meals.


Access Square

Access Square is a technology-enabled corporate access platform that improves accessibility to the senior management of U.S. public companies by qualified investors.

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BucketCheck allows anyone to create a list of goals they intend to accomplish over their lifetime and intelligently connects them their friends who have with similar goals.

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